Liddell Defeats Ortiz Again

December 31, 2006

Chuck Liddell stopped Tito Ortiz for the second time in as many fights, this time in the third round. What are your thoughts and opinions? Post them here.

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UFC 66 – Chuck Liddell VS. Tito Ortiz II

December 12, 2006

The question remains the same in this highly anticipated rematch of Ultimate Fighting Championship favorites. Can Ortiz stand with Liddell?

Tito didn’t do too bad when he traded hands with Chuck during their first encounter. One has to wonder if the Huntington Beach Bad Boy really did take a thumb to the eye that resulted in him being kayoed by the Iceman.

Barring any eye gouges, it will be interesting if grappling will come into play in this battle for the Ultimate Fighting Championship light heavyweight crown.

Liddell is rumored to be an excellent wrestler, but he’s never had to prove it in the Octagon since his opponents typically end up counting the arena lights.

Ortiz would be well advised to keep his chin tucked, his hands up, and go for a takedown.

UFC 66 should provide some excitement.

Post your opinions and predictions below UltimateFightingChampionship . com is providing tickets to the first person to come up with the exact prediction.

Silva Vs. Hughes

October 16, 2006

Should Andersen Silva and Matt Hughes face each other? If so, at what weight: middleweight, welterweight, or in the middle of both weight classes?

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Tito Ortiz Frank Shamrock II

July 12, 2006

With all of the hype around Ken Shamrock and Tito Ortiz colliding for the second time, one has to wonder why no talk is surfacing about the Shamrock that stopped a bigger and stronger Tito Ortiz in their encounter: Frank.

The UFC undefeated former Ultimate Fighting Championship middleweight king would be the breath of fresh air that the UFC needs at this point. Along with Wanderlai Silva, his name and credentials add excitement that the UFC needs. But more importantly, Shamrock and Silva will hopefully deliver in UFC bouts.

Ken Shamrock’s bout at UFC 61 against Tito left fans disappointed and that is not what the UFC needed. This card was the most anticipated in all of UFC history, and with that kind of anticipation, most would agree that it failed to deliver.

A strong showing would have been the push that the UFC and MMA needed to advance forward. Boxing, even in its sad state, stands above MMA as a so called “legitimate” sport.

Frank Shamrock is the man who can help give MMA the push it needs. Let’s see if he’s ready for the challenge. has posted exclusive updates on this possible match up.

UFC 61 Bitter Rivals

June 26, 2006

Shamrock Ortiz II

Arlovski Silva III

Both high profile fights are return bouts, the latter of the two: a heavyweight title match.

Should the results of either bout be different than the last? Safe money would be on repeat performances, but I'm not willing to bet safe money this go around.

Would it be a stretch for Arlovski to make everyone remember his first encounter with Silva? Championship gold was draped over the Pit Bull's shoulder while Silva hobbled from the Octagon, his leg shattered.

And how about Mr. Shamrock, The World's Most Dangerous Man? Ultimate Fighting Championship . com has a new profile posted on the UFC Hall Of Fame fighter and after reading it, you realize all of the history and experience he possesses. It will not be an easy fight for either fighter.

Tito was pushed to the limits by rookie Forrest Griffin. Shamrock is no rookie.

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June 19, 2006

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Ultimate Fighting Tryouts

June 19, 2006

Many people have expressed an interest in trying out for MMA organiztationa like the UFC

Many links to help you get started are posted here.

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